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Durango Dresser Mirror Smoked Peppercorn

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Bring a touch of retro flair to a modern bedroom with this stunning rectangular mirror. In a rich and warm smoke peppercorn finish, its deep hues create a bold visual, perfectly accentuating its silhouette. A smooth frame and profile create a sleek and structured effect, complementing other elongated design pieces. Beautiful over a dresser in a bedroom, the mirror adds sleek and rich color. Open up your space with the contrast between bright, reflective glass and deep, straight lines.

* Rectangular mirror with a touch of retro flair, perfect for modern bedrooms
* Features a rich and warm smoke peppercorn finish for a bold visual accent
* Smooth frame and profile offer a sleek and structured aesthetic
* Ideal for placement over a dresser, adding sleek and rich color to the room
* Combines bright, reflective glass with deep, straight lines to open up your space
* Finish: Smoked peppercorn


Height 40
Width 1.5
Length 52.25